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The Ingha T. Kidney Foundation

Dialysis & Me

Dialysis & Me was created by the owner of I AM branding Co. Breauna Chambers to honor her mother Ingha Chambers. For several years she would visit her mother's center and always give back. Over the course of the last few years she decided that she wanted to do more. She started to do research into community outreach and how to establish a non-profit. 

After looking more into the organizations that represented kidney disease patients. She realized quickly that everyone who has kidney disease doesn't attend dialysis. The process of dialysis can be painful, stressful and completely draining. After realizing that many patients had little to no family nor much outside support. Breauna knew her foundation could change lives. Not just locally but globally!

Mission statements – It is our mission to impact the lives of dialysis patients all over the world. One patient, one family, one center at a time. 

Vision Statement – Our vision is to spread #kidneylove and support to dialysis patients, while spreading awareness about kidney disease.

Executive Board – A organization is only as strong as its executive leadership. Breauna Chambers, Ingha Chambers and Chantel McPherson are the board members as of 2018. This mother and her two beautiful daughters are making an impact at a Kentucky center and plan to grow over the years. Their goal is to reach more centers and spread more love and you can be apart of that.

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Dialysis & Me Ingha T. Kidney Foundation

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